We propose a wide range of wood and wood products.



Wood deck Tiles

Les dalles de caillebotis en bois, une solution pratique pour aménager terrasses, balcons et jardins.

Antislip plywood

SFM offers antislip plywood with one face filmfaced (smooth) and one face wiremesh (antislip).

Filmfaced Plywood

We stock for you WBP (Water Boiled Proof), Smooth/Smooth (F/F) plywood.

Red Canarium Plywood

We select for you high quality Red Canarium Plywood with Poplar core.

Wood Deck

High quality deckings (Ipé, Itauba, Cumaru…) at attractive prices.

Maxiwood Table top

We offer a wide range of table top made in solid wood with long lamellas.


We sale laminated scantlings or lamscants to manufacture windows and doors (solid or finger jointed – DKD or KKK).

Glue Laminated Boards

Laminated and finger-jointed boards give you the possibility to get wide wooden boards easy to use and process.

FSC Exotic Wooden Decking