SFM company holds a long tradition in Import, Export, Purchase, Sale, Storage of wood and wood products. Our reputation is based on our experience as well as on our expertise in rigorous choice of the World’s most beautiful forest products. We work in the respect of people, countries and naturally forests and wood.
We look and bring back to you a wide range of species for which we are fully dedicated to give you advices and services.
African species
African continent holds a range of species of an incredible variety at its disposal. Among them, we choose the most beutiful qualities for you in Gabon, in Cameroon, or in Congo. Thus, we propose you the Padouk coral color, the warm tones of Mahogany, the strength and the resistance of Ekki or the honey shades of AfromorsiaBrasilian species
Durability of IpĂ©, color of Purpleheart, aesthetics of Jatoba… Here are some words describing Brazilian species we can supply and offer you.

Asian species
Malaysia, Indonesia, Teak, Merbau, Meranti, Mengkulang… Names and words follow one another and make us dream. In order to reach these magnificient species and places, we keep wood from Southeast Asia at your disposal.

Hardwood species
They are part of our history. We collect them carefully in France but also in Pennsylvania (Virginia)… stemming from the most beautiful and best managed forests. We select the Lords of our forests especially for you: Oak, Beech, Ash, Walnut Black Cherry, etc.

Coniferous species
Scandinavian Countries (Finland and Sweden) as well as Russia, Austria or Germany offer us their wonderful Larch so long-lasting, Spruce with its fine grain, Fir and its versatility, and Red Pine warm color. From the United States and Canada, we bring back for you magnificient Western Red Cedar, Oregon Pine, Hemlock Fir, Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)…