From our sawmills, we can offer: boules, beams, square edged,
standardized dimensions or cut to customers’ requests.
Our machine tool and manufacturing technology environment are constantly on the look out to match the needs and requirements of our customers (in terms of productivity, reliability and precision).
Thanks to our first class drying facilities, we carefully dry your timber products. All the wood drying process is mastered with accuracy and professionalism.
Our planed squared-edged timber is a smooth-finished timber suitable for a variety of uses.
Our modern machinery is fully equipped to process soft and hard woods following your needs.
Sfm brings you a solution regarding wood packaging according to ISPM 15* (treatment of timber boxes, packing cases, wooden crates, wooden pallets and plywood pallets)
*International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures.
Sfm operates modern and effective timber treatment plant. Our wood preservation processes ensure optimal treatment to Hazard Classes (HC) 2, 3 and 4 (following French regulations).
A skilled, dedicated and available team gives you advices and quotes.
Our products traceability is assured by a successful computer system.
Sfm provides state-of-the –art timber warehousing to its customers. At Sargé (Le Mans), Caen, Bonnétable and Nantes, we store more than 15 000 cbm. Our warehouses cover 25 000 sqm (300 000 sqm surfaces).
We also organize the full traceability (Chain Of Custody) of the wood products we offer you.
Transport Organization
Safety and punctuality are in the heart of our transport organization.